Deferential Fuel Flow Meter

  • Installed on motor vehicles with modern EURO (TIER) 3/4/5 diesel engines and no need to modify the fuel system scheme.
  • Certified to comply with obligatory automobile standards.
  • Resistant to vibration and hydraulic impacts.
  • Big In-built mud Filter.
  • 100% of fuel flow meters are tested on metro logically certified installation when produced.
  • Compatible with popular GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracking system.

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensors

Pressure Range: 0-100mm ̃1000 (mm) optional
Min resolution: 1mm
Blind zone: Bottom of probe: 10 mm; Top of probe: 10 mm
Probe Diameter: Ø17.8 mm
Overload: Standard atmosphere pressure or 08ar to +2Bar optional
Accuracy (Linearity; Hysteresis; Repeatability) ≤ ±1.0%F.S; ≤ ±0.5%F.S; Optional
Stability : Standard: 0.1%F.S, Max: 0.2%F.S
Working Temp: -40°C 85°C
Storage Temp: -50°C 95°C
Medium compatible: Various media compatible with the aluminum alloy
Electronic Wire:
6 Wires 6 Wires
4-20 mA 1-5V 0.5-4.5V 0-5V
Power Supply:
10 32 V dc 10 32 V dc 10 32 V dc 10 32 V dc
Zero Temperature Drift: 0.05%/10°C
Max working current: <15 mA
Output signal refresh rate: 5s/times (by customised).
Electronic connection: Directly cable with connector 6 pins
Process connect port: 5 holes SAE flanges
Response time: First time starting time from 1s to 5s
Certificate approve: CE certificate and Exia II CT6
EMC Standard:
Electromagnetic radiation: EN50081-1/-2 Electromagnetic susceptibility: EN50082-2
Remarks: Special applications request by customised

Submersible Fuel level Sensors

Pressure Range: -1…. 0-0.05Bar….50 Bar Optional
Programmable: Zero point adjustable for RS48S output
Overload: 150% F.S.
Burst Pressure 300% F.S.
Accuracy: ≤ ±0.5%F.S; ≤ ±0.25%F.S; ≤±0.15%F.S.
(Linearity Hysteresis Responsibility) Including non-lin. Rep and hys, Optional
Long Stability:
Standard: 0.1%F.S ±0.05% / Year Max: 0.15%F.S ±0.05%/Year
Working Temp: -20°C 70°C
Storage Temp: -30°C 100°C
Temperature Compensation: -10°C 60°C
Medium compatible: Compatible with 316 Stainless or Titanium Allay or PTFE materials.
(2 wires)
.5V …… (3 wires)
(4 wires)
0mA (6 wires)
Power Supply:
12 36 V DC 12 30 V DC/SVDC/12VDC 10 30 V DC 12 30 V DC
Baud rate: 9600 (standard), 2400, 4800, 19200, 115200 by customised.
Data format: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit.
Odd and Even calibration: None
Sampling rate: 10 points/second to 1 point/50 minutes.
Resolution: 20 bit 10ppm
Loading Resistance: Standard 99 channels and max 255 channels
Insulate resistance: >100M Ω @50V dc
Zero Tem. Drift:
Typical: 0.05%FS/°C Max: 0.1%FS/°C
FS Temp. Drift:
Typical: 0.05%FS/°C Max: 0.1%FS/°C
Electronic connection: Fixed cable and water proof IP68
Mounting Type: None (standard type), G1/4” NPT male/female, others by customised.
Response time: ≤ 10 ms
Pressure Type: Gauge pressure, absolute pressure optional
Certificate approving: Exia IICT6 and CE certificate.
EMC Standard: Electromagnetic radiation: EN50081-1/-2
Electromagnetic susceptibility: EN50082-2
Lighting Proof: Air conducts withstand voltage 8000V Shell and Cable conduct withstand voltage 4000V. This function is customised.
Water Proof: IP68
Temperature Range: -30 to 70 Degree C (by customized)
Temperature type: PT100, K, J type thermocouple customised.
Weight: Net weight is about 0.30KG, Full Packing weight is about 0.5KG (Cable not included).