Location Services

Location Services are the marriage of content, location and time, imagine the internet content we are all accustomed to, delivered on demand with the relevance of your location and the time of day. Accordingly, industry analysts have forecasted that the market for location based services will increase to US $25 Billion by 2005. Presently, Location Services are dividing information into four key market segments.

Fleet management – by knowing the location of their trucks, transport companies and/or corporate fleets can reduce costs and have real-time communications in remote areas.

Localised information – regionalised information that is being aggregated to provide the locations of the nearest gas stations, hotels or four-star restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls etc.

Emergency and safety services communications, traffic and navigation information being provided to help service providers to speed response to incidents. Network Management location based billing and efficient network planning for carriers looking to provide opt-in location services to their wireless data subscribers.