‘Telematics’ originated in Europe and remains widely used in the automotive industry. Telematic devices combine wireless communication devices with location sensing-technology and in some cases a service provider to provide a safety and convenient services to drivers.

A wide range of services fall under the Telematics umbrella and these include:

  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Automatic crash notification
  • Remote engine diagnostics
  • Navigation assistance
  • Concierge services (such as ordering tickets, making reservations, etc.)
  • Receiving and sending e-mail.

As a result of such a wide array of services, a number of different suppliers service this market. These suppliers range to include:

  • Auto manufacturers,
  • Automotive component OEMs,
  • Wireless telecommunications equipment makers,
  • GPS receiver manufacturers,
  • GIS developers, Service providers,
  • Content aggregators and Wireless network operators.
  • Receiving and sending e-mail.

The Strategies Group projects that 17 million consumer autos will be equipped with a Telematics product by year-end 2005.