• Wide External Power Range: 9-36V DC.
  • 6000 mAH Rechargeable Battery with Long Lasting Time.
  • Event reports: Door Open/Close, Temperature Limit Break, External Battery Connect/Disconnect, Battery Critical Low Warnings.
  • GEO Area In/Out
  • SMS/GPRS Data Transmission.
  • Small Data Stream Design.
  • IP67 Protection Rated.


ASL-1000E is IP67 rated WCDMA/GPS tracker for (semi-) trailer truck tracking application. This tracker is typically designed to solve the problem for those semi-trailers without any power supply, when the truck heads are disconnected. Also, those that need a longer time plan for tracking with purpose. These semi-trailers need to increase the frequency tracking interval within seconds’ level, when truck head is connected.



  • Trailer Truck.
  • Semi-trailer.
  • Excavator.
  • Agriculture Machinery.

Technical Details

Battery working Life Time

When truck head is connected, ASL-1000E will draw power from truck, and switch the tracking interval to be configured to 1 minute in order to continuously transmit data to the back server.

When truck head is connected, ASL-1000E will draw power from truck, and switch the tracking interval to be configured to 1 minute in order to continuously transmit data to the back server.

Total Tracking Way-Points Report Times: 720 Times

Tracking Frequency Scenes

Lasting Work Time

Reports once per day 720 days = 1.98 years
Reports twice per day 360 days = 12 months
Reports every 6 hours (4 times per day) 180 days = 6 months
Reports every 4 hours 120 days = 4 months
Reports every 2 hours 60 days
Reports every 1 hour 30 days
Reports every 30 minutes 15 days
Reports every 5 minutes 60 hours

You also can extend the aforementioned working times by considering the following factors:

  • Static/Moving.
  • Remaining Battery Level.
  • Geo-Fencing Area Status.

Default settings allow for data reports to be sent every 4 hours unless the object is in static, in which case reports are sent ever 10 hours, thus improving battery life.

Standard Package Contents:

  • ASL-1000E Tracker x 1 PC.
  • 6000 mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  • USB Configuration Cable.
  • Information Paper Card with User’s Guide, Configuration and Technical Document Download Link.

Digital Input

2 Digital Input (ACC/AC or Other Digital Input Device)


Hardware Power Supply DC 6V 36V
GSM Frequency Quad Band (850M/900M/1800M/1900M)
Standby Current 5A/12V, 3mA/24V
Work Current 14mA/12V, 8mA/24V
Built-in Battery Capacity 465mAh/3.7V
Firmware Trace Records in GSM Blind Area 4000 points
FOTA Protocol TCP
USSD Protocol Embodied
GPS GPS Accuracy <15m
A-GPS Accuracy <100m
GPS Sensitivity -162dBm
Startup Time Hot start<3S, Warm start<15S, Cool start>60S
Frequency 1575MHz
Display Information Longitude, Latitude, Height, Speed
Function Power Management Intelligent Power On/Off
Shifting Alert Drag Alert when Car ACC is Off
Current Intelligent Power Saving
Anti-Theft Auto Alert when power is cut off unexpectedly
Voice Remote Voice Monitoring
Immobilisation Remote Fuel Cut
Position Google Map Position
SOS Button 4 Emergency Numbers can be set
Speeding Alarm Speed Limit Settings
Geo–Fence Polygon Geography Fence Settings
Angle Complement Present Complete Curve
G–Sensor Motion Detection, Intelligent Power Saving, Vehicle Battery Protection
Digital Output 1 Digital Output (Relay or Other Digital Control Device)
Power Connect to Vehicle Power Supply
Microphone Listen-In
SOS Call for Aid
Environment Operation Temp -20°C 65°C (-4°F 149°F)
Storage Temp -30°C 80°C (-22°F 176 ° F)
Operation Humidity 10% 80% (Non-Condensing)
Product List Device 1 piece (Standard)
Power Supply Extension Line 1 piece (Standard, 170CM)
I/O Extension Line 1 piece (Standard, 170CM)
Relay 1 piece (Optional Accessory)
Mic & SOS Combined Line
SOS Line
Mic Line
1 piece (Optional Accessory)
Measurement Dimension 80*40*12mm
Net Weight 79g

Prisoner Trackers

GPS watch tracker

This tracker has the benefits of the waterproof IP67, along with low power consumption, small size and easy to use and allows 10-12 days standby without the need to charge. It supports three working modes: Personal, Smart and Vehicle modes. It is most commonly used for Alzheimer’s patients, prisoner/parolee management, pet tracking and so forth.

The device has the following features and functions: